On the English Translation of Chinese Specific Terms the Perspective of Functionalism —a case study of 2015 Government Wk Rept毕业论文_英语毕业论文

On the English Translation of Chinese Specific Terms the Perspective of Functionalism —a case study of 2015 Government Wk Rept毕业论文


摘 要

政府工作报告作为外国人了解中国文化的官方途径,其中包含了很多中国特色词汇,而这些词汇是中国源远流长的历史的缩影,所以正确的翻译显得格外重要。本篇文章在德国功能主义指导下,分析了 2015 政府工作报告中中国特色词汇的英译,并回顾了弗米尔的目的论。重点探讨了目的论的三原则和在其影响下的三大翻译策略,以及它们在 2015 政府工作报告的特色词汇翻译中的体现。中国特色词汇的英译采用直译,直译加注和意译三种方法。

关键词: 翻译;德国功能主义;政府工作报告;中国特色词汇;翻译目的论; 弗米尔


  1. Introduction 7
    1. Research background 7
    2. Purpose and significance of research 7
  2. Demonstration 8
    1. Overview of 2015 GWR 8
    2. German Functionalist Translation Theory 9
      1. Overview of Skopos Theory 10
      2. Skopos Theory 11
        1. Skopos rule 11
        2. Coherence rule 11
        3. Fidelity rule 11
    3. The feature of GWR and Chinese-specific terms 12
    4. The translation strategies of Chinese-specific terms under the guidance of German functionalist translation 13
      1. Literal translation 13
      2. Explanation and interpretation 14
      3. Free translation 14
  3. Conclusion 15

Works Cited 17

Bibliography 18

On the English Translation of Chinese-specific Terms from the Perspective of Functionalism

—a case study of 2015 Government Work Report


    1. Research background

From reform and opening-up, China has, overall, achieved a fast and stable performance in socio-economic development, achieving enormous accomplishment, which has attracted attentions from all over the world. With the improvement of our economic strength and international influence, china has played an increasingly important role on the global stage. All these factors promote the publicity of Chinese culture in foreign countries, especially in the fields of economics and politics, and Government Work Report is an essential and official channel for them to understand. So, political performance and economic achievements should be carried on through perfect English translation, especially the translation of Chinese-specific terms. Because a growing number of Chinese-specific terms are employed in GWR with new policies and guidelines are introduced constantly. Moreover, Government Work Report often adopts these terms, which pursues regular sentences and clear structure. However these terms are more difficult than common words to translate and express the deep connotations. So it is very important to translate Chinese-specific words accurately and reasonably.

    1. purpose and significance of research

With the social development of our country, more Chinese-specific terms are produced, having the practical significance. They are the epitome of our culture, history and political life, with the close connections with our social environment. So how to translate these words with deep meanings is a valuable issue to research seriously. There are three factors to choose GWR as the research resource. Firstly, there are many Chinese-specific terms in GWR. Secondly, the English edition of

GWR is drafted together by many senior professors. Thirdly, the translation of GWR has authority. Thus, it has the scientificity in its English translation.

According to the functionalism, the purpose of translation decides translation’s process and corresponding strategies, and this theory causes a significant effect on inferior’s translation. This thesis is written under the guidance of German Functionalism, taking 2015 GWR as resource, analyzing several strategies of Chinese-specific terms’ translation.


    1. Overview of 2015 GWR

At 9:00 on March 5,2015, the twelfth National People’s Congress opened at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. Premier Li Keqiang, on behalf of the State council, delivered a report that concerns issues on politics, economics, and culture. Firstly, taking an overview and making a conclusion of the government work in last year, Premier Li needs to report the achievements and performance of fundamental economic targets, working acts taken and grade achieved. Secondly, concluding the tasks, Premier Li puts forward the key sentences to explain the basic thinking and main tasks in this year, then explaining the future working acts and planning carefully and respectively. Thirdly, about self-construction, premier explains the working acts and plan on government internal functions, the democratic construction, law-based administration of government and construction of government’s work styles.

GWR is a formal official document of the People’s Republic of China, and the drafting of it is organized by the Research Office of the State council and supported by related departments. From GWR’s drawing up to its submitting for review, it is a proceeding of collecting wisdom. Chinese version is derived from the speech of premier, and the English version is produced through translation. So there are a little bit differences between them. Because Chinese language pays attention to parataxis while English pursues hypotaxis, and Chinese does not possess obvious conjunction but English has.

The Chinese version is collected from the website , which is from


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