The American Mainstream Values Reflected in Marvel Movies毕业论文

 2021-04-07 10:04

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关键词: 漫威电影;主流价值观;超级英雄


  1. Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1

1.1 .Marvel Movies----------------------------------------------------------------------------1

1.2 American mainstream values------------------------------------------------------------1

  1. Demonstration ------------------------------------------------------------------------------2

2.1. American mainstream values reflected in the movies-------------------------------2

2.1.1. Individualism---------------------------------------------------------------------------3

2.1.2 Self-reliance-----------------------------------------------------------------------------4

2.1.3Sense of mission-------------------------------------------------------------------------5

2.1.4 Family values----------------------------------------------------------------------------6

2.1.5 Heroism----------------------------------------------------------------------------------7

2.2. The impacts of marvel movies----------------------------------------------------------8

2.2.1. Impacts on movie industry------------------------------------------------------------9

2.2.2. Impacts on youth-----------------------------------------------------------------------9

2.2.3. Impacts on America culture----------------------------------------------------------10

3. Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------------------10

Notes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12

Works Citied-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------13


The American Mainstream Values Reflected in Marvel Movies

1. Introduction

With the development and popularization of mass media, film has become an important part of the social culture. Film, a kind of special cultural product with the function of spreading the national cultural spirit and ideology, plays a very important role in people's daily life. The world film factory, Hollywood, supplies a large number of films to the world every year, also disseminates the cultural values of American style to every corner of the world. As the leader of film culture, the United States has produced many popular movies. Among these, the commercial type of Hollywood Superhero Movie--Marvel movies shine in movie history, earn high box office with an excellent reputation.

1.1 Marvel Movies

Films adapted from the superhero cartoon by Marvel Company have occupied a place in the film market. The "Iron Man" series, “the X-Men”, "the Avengers" and other products also have received great acclaim. The super hero movie takes the fantasy heroes as templates. Based on their features, cultures and characteristics, the film company makes some reference and adaptation to the original story of the cartoon. These super heroes usually have unique abilities, they can do unusual feats and heroic actions. Usually they will have a set of gorgeous attire to represent their personality and super ability, they also have a character name, such as “Superman”, “iron man”, “spider man”, “Captain America”, etc.. The American spiritual vision and cultural values are usually integrated into the films.

1.2 American mainstream values

America is a land of many races, a melting pot of ethnic culture and the place of broadening the horizons. In American social culture, there are many things worth to learn. American cultural values are mainly reflected in the aspects of individualism, self-reliance, sense of mission, family values and so on. Firstly, American culture emphasizes the individualism that people pay attention to their personality, dignity and personal interest. Dr. Kissinger1 once mentioned: “Americans especially appreciate the cowboys who lead the team single-handedly into the village or town. Sometimes even he does not take a pistol, he just need to do this single-handedly to tell others that he will rode into town, and all the things will be done by himself” (Robertson,1986:8). Dr. Kissinger said the United States culture of individualism advocated most incisive expression. Besides, pursing self-reliance is the mainstream value in America, they stress that people can realize their dreams by working hard. In addition, Americans also pay attention to the sense of mission, they think that America carries the responsibility to rescue the world. Finally, Americans’ attitudes towards the family also play an important role in American culture. The mainstream values of the United States, individualism, heroism, sense of mission, family values and self-reliance, are embodied everywhere in Marvel movies. Marvel movies not only witnessed the development of the United States and the process of the history, but also allowed the dream of "Heroes" in the hearts of American to continue with the theme of “Salvation”.

2. Demonstration

2.1 American mainstream values reflected in the movies

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