An Analysis of EAP Education —— Based on Landscape Architecture Major in a Forestry University毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An Analysis of EAP Education —— Based on Landscape Architecture Major in a Forestry University毕业论文


摘 要

学术英语(EAP)在 21 世纪英语教学的发展中已引起多方重视。EAP 就不同语言使用国家的教学而言,需求方向一致但教学模式与效果也是截然不同。学术英语作为一门将专业学术知识与英语相结合的课程在本科英语教学中存在着一定程度的定位不清、目标不明、教学模式单一等问题。

本论文首先阐述 EAP 教学的必要性,然后以一所林业大学风景园林专业的园林英语学习者为参考对象,通过问卷调查的方式获取了 EAP 实际教学状况。调查数据分析发现,研究对象通过自身学习经历对于 EAP 教学的进行存在质疑之处。为更好满足学生学习需求,本文探讨了案例中学术英语课程的教学目标、教材内容、课堂模式和教学效果;并将从学生角度提出探索性应对策略,包括学时、师资、课程模式等,以此促进学术英语课程教学的持续发展。



Chapter 1 Introduction 1

    1. Research Background 1
    2. Significance of the Research 1
    3. Structure of the Thesis 2

Chapter 2 Literature Review 3

    1. Definition of EAP 3
    2. EAP Studies at Home 3
    3. EAP Studies Abroad 5
    4. Summary 6

Chapter 3 Methodology 8

    1. Research Questions 8
    2. Participants 8
    3. Task Design 8
    4. Procedures 8

Chapter 4 Results and Discussion 9

    1. Results of the Survey 9
    2. Discussion 10
      1. Suggestions to Teaching Resources 10
      2. Suggestions to Teaching Modes 11
      3. Suggestions to Testing Standards 12

Chapter 5 Conclusion 13

    1. Major Findings 13
    2. Implications 14
    3. Limitations and Suggestions 14

Bibliography 15

Appendix 17

An Analysis of EAP Education —— Based on Landscape Architecture Major in a Forestry University

Chapter 1 Introduction

Research Background

Landscape Architecture is a very important researching and teaching field at home and abroad. With the booming of communication, more talents in Landscape Architecture are needed, especially professional people with stronger capacities of English. Such development requires students to be skilled in reading, writing, and other relevant using aspects. On the basic of this, they can master the latest and newest studies or findings all over the world. And with this kind of learning, students can gain more in constructing their future works. EAP (English for academic purpose) should not only be a compulsory course in learning progress, but also an important tool in improving scientific capability.

Significance of the Research

According to the requirement for teaching program, to non-English major students, English teaching program is divided into two parts, called basic learning period and applied to improve period. Basic learning period emphasizes on the “common core”, which usually called general English. However, the period focuses on application and improvement concentrates on “varieties”, which usually called professional English (Hu, Yuan, Luo, 2013). The specification of the teaching outline in reading is to read the original textbooks, reference books or materials, alongside with higher reading skills (Pu, 2002). Therefore, by the learning period of general English learning in universities, students gain some basic abilities such as reading, writing, listening, translating and so on. Further more, students can get to the level that they can take English as tools to obtain professional and useful information. They also can know the latest development in their familiar field as they expand their

specific knowledge with English continuously.

Structure of the Thesis

This thesis is divided into five chapters. Chapter one is the introduction, which introduces the research background of the thesis; explains the reasons of the study and list the organization of the thesis. Chapter two is a literature review on EAP. In this part, theoretical findings will be found based on the definition and development of EAP at home and abroad. Chapter three mainly depicts the methodology of this study, including research questions, participants, questionnaire design, and data collection. Chapter four focuses on comparing the questions and choices of questions listed in the questionnaire, and analyzing the problems in present EAP teaching , hence, some suggestions are put forward. Chapter five comes to the conclusion, the discovery of the study, the implications, the limitations and suggestions for further study are referred to in this chapter.

Chapter 2 Literature Review

Definition of EAP

EAP is the abbreviation of English for academic purposes ,according to the explanation of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, it’s a course entails training students, usually in a higher education setting, to use language appropriately for study. It is one of the most common forms of English for specific purpose (ESP). EAP was firstly put forward by Keith Jones and Peter Roe, two committees in a Cultural Conference in the UK. As an important branch of ESP (English for Specific Purposes), it develops as quickly as a new linguistic teaching. After being discussed and trained continuously, EAP was admitted by official departments in the UK. In 1977, the conception of EAP was acknowledged by the USA. According to different using purposes, Robinson divided ESP into EOP (English for Occupational Purposes) and EAP. EOP is one kind of teaching of English features for trainings for certain positions, and EAP is an English teaching which provides students with professional academic acknowledge. Dudley, Evans and St. Johns have pointed out that EAP caters to the English’s specific features and teaching skills. When EAP course open, it comes to the importance of faculty. A Famous linguist once have pointed out that an outstanding teacher should possess many excellent qualities Apart from that, not only the teaching approaches but also the teaching strategy and goals all affected by lots of factors. (Richards J.K.and Lockhart C.Reflective, 2004)

EAP Studies at Home

According to professor Zou Bin’s EAP Study in Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University(2015), he has pointed some experience of science, architecture and many other specific English. He believes that a lot of words the teacher does not need to fully grasp, even many native American teachers still have many unfamiliar words, or don’t know total meaning of them. Luckily, such absence of vocabulary would not have bad influence on classroom efficiency. The key point of EAP teaching is to guide

students and enable them know the approaches to mastering more specific vocabulary and academic knowledge. Choices for teaching textbooks, are always coming to some published academic English materials by a few certain domestic publishers, alongside with some first-class teaching or learning materials from foreign countries. Also, lots of universities use textbooks for EAP teaching just edited by themselves. But what make all of us support to is that most of the teaching staffs keep on adding the latest finds or academic studies into their teaching materials, so that can not only push for the development in the international professional subjects and fields, but also can bring students with more interests in the international dynamic tendency and internal status in their specific field.

Since it comes to 21st century, EAP courses have attracted so much attention from many universities with high teaching quality. Wang et al. (2009) once said that EAP is one kind of English that belongs to the category of academic English which closely related to professional or specialized knowledge. The biggest feature of EAP is that’s a combination of English language, scientific knowledge and specific content. Some colleges or universities establish their specific English courses including Business English, Legal English, medical English, after the operation of general English courses(students may be arranged for the implementation of a 3-term or 4-term compulsory general English).

Curriculum is that which is taught in school. It is a set of subjects, a set of materials, a set of performance objectives. Since China introduced and set EAP teaching courses, foreign language teachers have made various researches on curriculum. Jiang Shanye(1995) believes that curriculum provision means the combination of the whole scope and specialized characteristics made by schools or other training institutions. Curriculum refers to the establishment of an arranged period for about one year, one semester or even 2 months to learn some programs

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