A Case Study of Netwk Teaching Platfm ---Take New Hizon As An Example毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Case Study of Netwk Teaching Platfm —Take New Hizon As An Example毕业论文


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关键词: 英语网络教学平台;新视野;利弊;意见


1. Introduction 1

2. Demonstration 2

2.1 Literature review 2

2.2 The advantages and functions of online English teaching platform 4

2.2.1 Effective online textbooks 6

2.2.2 Valuable assess records 6

2.2.3 Active class BBS 7

2.2.4 Updating online resources 7

2.3 The disadvantages of current network English teaching platform 8

2.3.1 The immature study habit and ability 9

2.3.2 The lack of emotional communication 9

2.3.3 The unsound assessment system……………………………………………… 10

2.4 Suggestions on the construction and utilization of network English teaching platform 10

2.4.1 Do a good job of training 11

2.4.2 Combine online classroom teaching and self-learning online 11

2.4.3 Improve the assessment system 11

3. Conclusion 12

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Bibliography 15

1. Introduction

In the era of knowledge-driven economy, scientific and technological development has led to the popularity of computer networks. Technology of information and network has become the main theme of the 21st century. Computer network technology application in education is becoming wider and wider.

In recent years, network teaching has become a common way of teaching and learning. In order to change teaching pattern and enrich teaching resources, a variety of universities carry out the construction of network courses. However, the construction of network course needs strong technical support, which used to hamper the participation of people. It is the emergence of network teaching platform that has overcome these obstacles. Network teaching platform can construct network curriculum conveniently, making more and more people involved, so as to realize sharing and exchanges of the high quality resources. The network application in network teaching platform is a key problem of the current university network teaching, especially in English teaching. Such problems as digital learning concepts and skills of college students are also problems of network teaching platform itself. It undoubtedly involves university teachers.

Network teaching platform displays many advantages of effective teaching online. First, network teaching platform provides a virtual communication platform between teachers and students, among different learners online or offline. Such way of communication enhances information feedback effectively. Second, the study on network teaching platform completely breaks through the limitation by the space and time. Different course teachings can be concentrated on time and students can select time to study independently. Third, as for teachers, they can make use of multimedia learning resources on network teaching platform to create course resources that appeal to students. Fourth, for learners, the network teaching platform provides personalized service platform support in autonomous learning.

In addition, a successful network English teaching platform is affected and restricted by various factors. Network teaching in ordinary colleges and universities is still in its early stage. In spite of the fact that most colleges and universities have made large investments to the hardware and software establishment and improvement of network teaching platform, trying to make it possible to carry out network teaching in colleges and universities, it remains to be seen whether students can adapt to the network teaching pattern, whether they can complete learning task better through the network teaching platform, and whether teachers are willing or able to conduct network teaching platform in teaching activities successfully.

This paper is divided into three parts. The first part is the general introduction to the network teaching platform, especially the network English teaching platform. The second is the demonstration. It includes the researches on network teaching platform at home and abroad, and takes New Horizon Teaching and Learning platform as an example to analyze the advantages and functions of network English teaching platform, the disadvantages and current network English teaching platform, and then suggestions on the construction and utilization of it are given. The last part is the conclusion.


The demonstration part is the main body of this paper, which is made up of three parts. The first one is review of researches on network teaching platform at home and abroad. The second one takes the advantages and functions of network English teaching platform. The third one is the disadvantages of current network English teaching platform. In the last part, the suggestions on the construction and utilization of network English teaching platform are proposed.

2.1 Literature review

In 1990, American professor in the Claremont College, Kenneth Green initiated and held a large scientific research, The Campus Computing Project, which firstly put forward the concept of digital campus. According to statistics, at present, more than 3000 public and private universities in the United States have established network teaching platforms. Almost all professional disciplines in colleges and universities are covered under the network teaching platforms and basically completed the transformation of traditional teaching to the teaching based on the digital platform . At abroad, since 2003, there has been many researches in network teaching platform comparisons and evaluations. And the specific platform institutions for the comparison and selection are founded. The Website Commonwealth of Nations Learning Alliance developed evaluation tool, LMS Report Card. The Commonwealth Learning Alliance pointed out that network teaching platform is developing faster and faster. The evaluation questionnaire provided was just a microcosm of the development platform (Zhuang 28). To keep up with the pace of its development, evaluation tools need to be updated continuously, generally once a year or half a year.

In terms of network teaching platform recognition, the basic premise of making full use of a network teaching platform is that the emerging approach is recognized on values and attitudes (Sun 32). Moreover, many studies abroad have shown that compared with the traditional face-to-face teaching, teachers engaged in network teaching (especially at an early stage) need to spend more time and energy (Xie 82). The remote education scholars Guanwardena summarizes that the teachers engaged in distance education should be required of a variety of skills, including the ability to interact with technology, the capability of media application and the ability of communication with distant learners (Zhang 82).

Back in China, there has been several relatively mature network teaching platforms owing to limited domestic researches so far, including the traditional platforms like Vclass, 4A, Tsinghua Education Online (THEOL) and Web CL, and the new generation of learning platforms which features in teacher professional development online, like the representative Web2.0. Luckily, a new concept of network teaching platform has risen. There are two main types. One is realized in the form of the basic activities, which is to build learning websites. Teachers and learners can launch mutual exchanges and learning through these learning websites. The second one is achieved in the form of teaching organizations, who account for completing the teaching tasks (Hu 27). Zhang Weiyuan built the evaluation index system in his Studies of Online Teaching Environment Evaluation Index System (Zhang 33).

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