A Cognitive Perspective on English Reading Teaching in Jiangsu Middle Schools毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Cognitive Perspective on English Reading Teaching in Jiangsu Middle Schools毕业论文


摘 要

江苏的教育水平在全国一直处于领先地位,英语也得到了越来越多的重视。作为中学英语学习中的重要部分,阅读已经成了老师学生关注的内容。所以本研究在江苏某高中班级中做了问卷调查,从而了解现在江苏高中英语阅读教学情况。学生对于英语阅读有很高的重视,对阅读有很大的兴趣,同时也偏向于自主学习,但是在老师学校教育的局限性上,学生的英语阅读状况还是存在一定的问题,对于阅读材料的理解认识水平还有待提高。所以论文从自主学习的角度出发,配合调查问卷的研究方法,以认知主义为理论基础,结合江苏省高中英语阅读教学的现状, 改进和提升学生的阅读水平和老师的阅读教学水平,可以使学生对阅读理解更准确深入。探究江苏高中的目前英语阅读教学的情况,在提高教学水平的同时关注自主学习和认知主义,先提出目前存在的现状存在的问题,从学生角度和老师学校角度提出改进提高的方法。



1. Introduction————————————————————————————1

1.1 Current situation in Jiangsu senior high schools —————————————-1

1.2 Significances of this study——————————————————————1

2. Demonstration———————————————————————————2

2.1 The Theory———————————————————————————–2

2.1.1An introduction to the theory————————————————————2

2.1.2 The research of this questionnaire ——————————————————2

2.2The differences between Jiangsu and other regions————————————-5

2.3The reasons for current situation———————————————————–5

2.4 The solutions of these problems ———————————————————-6

3. Conclusion ————————————————————————————8

Work Cited—————————————————————————————-9



A Cognitive Perspective on English Reading Teaching in Jiangsu Senior High Schools

1. Introduction

1.1 Current situation in Jiangsu senior high schools

For a long time, due to the constraints of traditional educational methods, there still exist limits in the teaching period of Jiangsu senior high schools. Although much emphasis has been put on the teaching of reading, with the influence of traditional exam-oriented education and the teaching of reading model for a long time, current English reading teaching still exist many problems. Jiangsu is a big province of education which has always attached great importance to English education. In the college entrance examination of Jiangsu Province, English has also played an extremely important part, which is the ratio of the larger fraction of reading. 

In a broad sense, cloze, reading comprehension and task all belong to the category of reading, but this time the study will focus on reading comprehension.

Since the Jiangsu college entrance examination proposition alone, the English exam has not changed much. Among them, the structure and type did not change. The students’ language ability and the knowledge and skills of the students are also discussed at the same time. For some long articles and many questions’ articles, they also examine the psychological ability of students. The content and topic of the article are more and more abundant, the amount of information is large, and the topic is novel. The articles are close to the life, pay attention to the social and the humanities phenomenon, pay great attention to the cultural background. There are different changes in the number of questions and the length of the articles, it always costs the students’ much time.  Most teachers pay more attention to the usage of language knowledge. This kind of teaching method will make the actual use of language fully brought into play.  

1.2 Significances of this research

Let the high school students learn English better and improve the English teaching level in Jiangsu. Reading is a means to understand and absorb written information, it helps to enlarge the vocabulary and enrich the language knowledge, understanding the social and cultural of English speaking countries. It is an active process of understanding and receiving information, as well as a complex intellectual process. The goal of cultivating students’ reading ability is to enlarge their vocabulary, broaden students’ knowledge, increase students’ cultural background knowledge and train students to observe language carefully and other ability to hypothesis, analysis, reasoning and understanding. The improvement of reading ability is helpful to the improvement of other aspects.

2. Demonstration

2.1 The Theory

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