On the Application of Problem-Based Learning(PBL) in English Teaching of Civilian—Run Undergraduate University Students毕业论文_英语毕业论文

On the Application of Problem-Based Learning(PBL) in English Teaching of Civilian—Run Undergraduate University Students毕业论文


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  1. Introduction—————————————————————————————1
  2. Demonstration————————————————————————————1
    1. A brief introduction to Civilian-Run higher education ————————————1
    2. An introduction to Problem-based learning (PBL) —————————————-2
      1. Definition of Problem-based Learning—————————————————-2

2.2.2 Theoretical basis of PBL——————————————————————–3 2.3 Empirical study of PBL————————————————————————4

      1. Application of PBL in a Civilian—Run university————————————–4
      2. Data collection——————————————————————————-4
      3. Methods————————————————————————————–5
        1. Questionnaire——————————————————————————5
        2. Observation——————————————————————————–5
      4. Results and Discussion———————————————————————-6
    1. Countermeasures for the problems of PBL in English teaching of Private Universities————————————————————————————–8
      1. Teachers should give timely instructions to students in need————————–8
      2. Teachers should enhance the communication and cooperation with students——-9
  1. Conclusion—————————————————————————————-9

Works Cited——————————————————————————————11



On the Application of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in English Writing of Civilian—Run Undergraduate University Students

  1. Introduction

The first independent college in China has been built for more than twenty years. Along with the deepening economic and educational system reforms, private universities have been gradually established.

Problem-Based Learning (abbreviated PBL) is developed as a new teaching model. Initially it was advanced by Professor Neurology-Barrows in the McMaster University of Canada. Ever since, PBL teaching mode has become a prevalent teaching method in the world and it is hired by a large number of domestic instructors in various fields and schools of different levels of higher education. In 1986, Shanghai Second Medical University and Xi’an Medical University first introduced PBL into their teaching. Other researchers and experts also conduct relevant studies about its effects. In 2010, through the comparison between the application of PBL and LBL (Lecture-based learning) carried out in School of medicine Institute of Yangzhou University, the instructors found that PBL teaching method can improve students’ interest and motivation in learning English. What’s more, PBL is conducive to developing creative and critical thinking, and it is also beneficial to develop the students’ communication and cooperation capabilities according to the studies done by (P. 2006).

Although PBL has been widely used in modern teaching, there are few researches carried out in private colleges about the teaching efficiency of PBL. So, in this paper, empirical study is carried out in civilian-run universities about the roles PBL plays in enhancing students’ English comprehensive proficiency and its main purpose is to investigate whether problem-based instruction could benefit the students in civilian-run colleges and universities.

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