An Analysis of Briony’s Mental Growth in Atonement毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An Analysis of Briony’s Mental Growth in Atonement毕业论文


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  1. Introduction ———————————————————————————–1

1.1. A brief introduction to Ian McEwan and his works————————————1

1.2. A brief introduction to Atonement——————————————————–2

2. Demonstration ——————————————————————————–4

2.1Briony’s mentality change during atonement ——————————————–4

2.1.1 Briony’s innocence ———————————————————————–4

2.1.2 Briony’s escape and guilt—————————————————————-6

2.1.3 Briony’s maturity————————————————————————–7

2.2 Different influences of family members on Briony————————————-9

2.2.1 The father’s influence——————————————————————-10

2.2.2 The mother’s influence——————————————————————11

2.2.3 The elder sister’s influence————————————————————-12

2.2.4 The brother’s influence——————————————————————13

2.3 The impact of environmental change on Briony’s growth—————————-14

2.3.1 Childhood in a secluded countryside————————————————–14

2.3.2 Adolescence in a confined wartime hospital—————————————–15

  1. Conclusion———————————————————————————–16

Works Cited ————————————————————————————-17

Bibliography ————————————————————————————18

An Analysis of Briony’s Mental Growth in Atonement

  1. Introduction

1.1 A brief introduction to Ian McEwan and his works

Ian McEwan, one of Britain’s most outstanding and influential novelists, has lived by his writing for nearly a quarter of a century. McEwan first came to public notice in 1975. As a new voice of generation, he, together with Martin Amis, Salman Rushdie, Julian Barnes and Graham Swift, is considered to bring about a renaissance in contemporary British fiction (Elam 13) In 2008, The Daily Telegraph ranked him number 19 in their list of the “100 most powerful people in British culture”. As a prolific writer, Ian McEwan has become the author of eleven works of fiction, among which are novels and short story collection. He has also won many prizes and much prestige for his achievements.

McEwan was born in Aldershot, Hampshire, on 21 June 1948. His father David McEwan was a working-class Scotsman who had worked his way up through the army to the rank of major, and his mother Rose Lilian Violet was a cleaner with vivid imagination. McEwan spent much of his childhood in many countries such as East Asia (including Singapore), Germany, and North Africa (including Libya), where his father was posted. Different experiences in many countries, along with violent father as well as always worried mother, have exerted a great influence on his later life and writing. Then his family returned to England when he was 12. Afterwards McEwan was educated at Woolverstone Hall Boarding School and the University of Sussex, where he received his B.A. degree in English literature in 1970, and then the University of East Anglia, where he became one of the first graduates of Malcolm Bradbury’s creative writing course with his M.A. degree in 1971.

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