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  1. Introduction… 1
  2. Demonstration 3
    1. Dress as an embodiment of New England culture during civil war 3
      1. Dress writings related with the transcendental culture 3
      2. Dress writings related with the liberal culture… 4
    2. Dress as a social marker of America in the late 19th century 6
      1. Dress as the reflection of social strata 6
      2. Dress as the reflection of gender performance… 7
    3. Dress as a way of characterization… 8
      1. Silk dancing dresses: characterization of Margaret 9
      2. Apron and cap: characterization of Josephine… 10
      3. Ropey cloth: characterization of Barr… 11
  3. Conclusion… 12

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  1. Introduction

Dress Writings in Little Women

Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) is one of the most famous American women writers in the American literature. Her popular novel Little Women has always been considered to be a convenient way for many readers to know both the Civil war and the New England. In 1868, her Little Women was published in the United States. Once published, it caused a huge sensation in the American literary world, won the hearts of countless readers, and became the classic works of popular literature. Little Women is especially loved by young readers, and is even called the "must-read book for young girls." Witty and humorous, this work has been translated into more than a dozen languages to spread around the world. At the same time, Little Women has also been moved to the theater and the screen, and performed in various parts of the world.

After published, Little Women has been under the focus of critics. There are a lot of comments and arguments about this noted novel with blended receptions. Most of the critics mainly focus on Alcott's life and her novel Little Women, the female writings, the education, the characterization and so on. For example, Zhang Shumei(2010)made a study of Little Women, she embodied feminism by writing talent, independent thinking and no longer the accessory of male owned by three women in the March from three aspects: Female is not virtuous without talent, a woman is not a man's vassal, and my marriage is decided by myself. Huang Yan (2011) reflected the education art of Mrs. March and her actions as much as her words, and showed that the way was worth for educators to learn from creating a good family atmosphere, being a close friend of children, and letting the children receive education in practice on one’s own initiative. Janis Dawson (2003) made a study of Little Women in the experiences of Alcott's working women in two of her most autobiographical novel. It examined the foundations of Alcott's domestic ideal s.

Little Women was created in the context of the Civil War, but the story unfolded a picture scroll in the north area of the New England. It describes the four sisters in a poor family of a small town in the north of the battlefield and their longing for dreams, the inspiration of life and the pursuit of their own way of life. They are self-reliant under the guidance of their mother, though they have very different personalities: Meg scorns the mincement of the upper class and is willing to live poorly for pursuing for true love. Jo becomes a writer and sets up her own school. Beth faces death admittedly, and she doesn’t encumber the family, also she leaves her smile to the world; Amy sympathizes with the poor people and takes charity as her responsibility eventually.

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