An Analysis of Emma’s Tragedy in the Novel Madame Bovary毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An Analysis of Emma’s Tragedy in the Novel Madame Bovary毕业论文


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《包法利夫⼈》是福楼拜的⼀部⼩说,讲述了⼗九世纪⼀个⼥⼈的爱情悲剧。主⼈公爱玛嫁给了⼀ 位乡村医⽣,正是由于对婚姻的不满导致她后来有了两段婚外恋不断,她因⽽逐渐沉沦,堕落,最 后导致⾃杀。主⼈公爱玛的爱情悲剧也成为了⼀个时代⼥性的典型社会缩影,本

⽂ 爱玛 爱情悲



  1. Introduction 1
  2. Demonstration. 1
    1. Personal factors leading to Emma’s Tragedy 1
      1. Aristocratic education at convent 1
      2. Emma’s marriage 2
      3. Emma’s family 2
      4. Emma’s lovers 3
    2. Social factors leading to Emma’s Tragedy 3
      1. Social background 4
      2. Effects of decadent romanticism 4
      3. Women’s status 4
      4. Bourgeois principles of marriage 3.Conclusion. 4

Works Cited. 6

Bibliography 7

An analysis of Emma’s Tragedy in the novel

Madame Bovary


Gustave Flaubert is an influential and French writer ,and Madame Bovary is a typical work in the critical realism literature.By way of portraying so many images,Flaubert disclosed the darkness of social reality Since the emergence of his book of Madame Bovary in 1987, as representative work against realism in the early nineteenth century,it has attracted wide attention in field of literature since its first appearance,and numbers of academic studies from home and abroad proceed in a constant stream.The love tragedy of its heroine Emma Rouault gradually came to be a typical social microcosm in era women.

In the view of the fact that nowadays more and more people are encountering the destroyed and broken love and marriage,this paper pays contributed attention to the heroine and the plot of the story,focusing on the analysis of the causes of Emma’s love tragedy, reveals the features of social changes. Finally,this paper reveals the deep causes of through comprehensive analysis.

To be specific,the first part is used to discuss Emma’s personal factors .Part two will concentrated on social factors.Part three will summary.In the last part,by summarizing all the various factors of the love tragedy,a conclusion will be drawn to sublimate the theme and promote a better understanding.


    1. Personal factors leading to Emma’s tragedy 2.1.1Aristocratic education at convent

Although Emma was born in a farmer’s family, her father sent her to the convent to accept education.Therefore,she got noble education there.Lots of books depicting love and marriage were exposured to her.These books had a far-reaching effect on Emma’s spirit.The original eager for materialism began to extend deep inside her soul,leading to her pursue of romantic and unrealistic love subsequently.She had desired for getting into upper class.The noble class style in the convent surrounded by various flowers,gorgeous clothes,jewelry,parties and grand castles and the aristocratic education she accepted just opened a door to the prosperous upper class lifestyle Besides,other books made her crazy about luxury life of ancient lady.She named her daughter Bennett because Bennett was a name used for people of quality.Emma’s imagination for marriage built up at convent finally threatened her family life.Emma’ s clinging chase for romantic love was destroyed by the social reality of capitalism.

On the other hand,Emma got the catholic church education at convent,which constrained her mind.Various imprisonment in reality and various indulge in friction made striking contrast,all of which pushed Emma to have illusions.At that time,Emma’s treasonable thinking was fostered.These characteristic factors were based for tragic ending.

      1. Emma’s marriage

At the beginning,Emma dreamed of nice and romantic love.However,she’s dream was broken when she was married to her husband,Dr.Charles Bovary,who was a very simple and common man.He was a country doctor by profession but is ,as in everything else,not very good at it.He was neither handsome nor humorous,neither rich nor romantic.In a word,Emma was disappointed to him greatly.Her imagination for family,husband ,marriage was almost ruined up after her marriage.She was bored with her marriage life and her interior enthusiasm was constrained all the time.

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