Charlie’s Characterization in Private Peaceful毕业论文_英语毕业论文

Charlie’s Characterization in Private Peaceful毕业论文


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《柑橘与柠檬啊》是麦克莫波格的⼀本⼉童⼩说,讲述了⼀个少年因为战争⽽成长的故事。主⼈公⼩托是⼀个单纯快乐的男⽣,但突如其来的战争却改变了所有⼈的⽣活。⼩托本能地逃避战争的⾏为,却被别⼈以及他⾃⼰认为是懦弱的。为了逃避这种羞耻,为了逃避爱情的挫败,⼩托谎报了年龄,和哥哥⼀起应征⼊伍。在战⽕中,⼩托对世界和⾃⼰有了更新的认识,他渐渐褪去了柔弱和怯懦,懂得坚强、担当和关怀, 内⼼越来越强⼤。查理作为⼩托的哥哥,他使主⼈公⼩托褪去脆弱和稚嫩,认识到⾃我意识的重要,⾛向成熟。除了展⽰⼀切适⽤于⼉童的美好,⼩说也呈现出了战争与



关键词: 麦克·莫波格;《柑橘与柠檬啊》;查理;战争


  1. Introduction 1
  2. Characteristic of Charlie 4
    1. Love and Responsibility 4
    2. Courage and Reason 5
    3. Optimism and Nostalgia 6
  3. The Symbolic meaning of Charlie 6
    1. Guidance to the protagonist’s growth 6
    2. Criticism of War and Humanity 7
    3. Spread of Hope and Peace 8
  4. Conclusion 10

Work Cited 12

Bibliography 13

Charlie’s Characterization in Private Peaceful


Michael Morpurgo (1943-2003) is a British writer who won The Children’s Laureate. The award is the highest honor in British children’s literature. His stories rescue many small hearts that are eager to dreaming. Private Peaceful was one of his most satisfying creations and was introduced to China in 2009. The novel is about the story of a young boy who grew up because of the war. The protagonist was a simple and happy boy and lived together with his families in the hometown. Unfortunately, the sudden war has changed everyone’s life. Thomas’s instinctive avoidance of war was seen as an act of cowardice by others and himself. In order to escape this shame and the defeat of love, Thomas lied about his age and enlisted in the army together with his brother. In the war, Thomas had a new understanding of the world and himself. He gradually shed his weakness and cowardice. Then he started to learn to be strong, responsible and brave. His heart became stronger and stronger. As the elder brother of Thomas, Charlie makes him shed his vulnerability and infantility, realizing the importance of self-consciousness and move towards maturity.

Michael Morpurgo is good at writing children’s novels. Researchers at home and abroad have studied his writing techniques and his novels. His novel War Horse was a hit in the UK. The article named “Approaching War: Australian and Canadian Children ‘s Culture and the First World War” is written by Rosemary Ross Johnston and Lissa Paul. It explores the influence on Children’s literature from different geographical and cultural perspectives. At the same time, children’s literature can also reflect the general background of the time. When mentioning Michael Morpurg’s War Horse after many years, the novel can still help people trace the history of that time and present the conflicts of that time (2014). This study shows that the author has incorporated a large amount of the true portrayal of war into his novels, combining the beautiful things in children’s literature with cruel reality. Private Peaceful, which is very similar to War Horse, is also set in the context of the first world war. In the novel, the author blends the reality and criticizes the cruelty of the war. Therefore, we can summarize the characteristics of Michael Morpurg’s children’s literature from the narrative perspective provided by previous studies. “Michael Morpurgo’s narrative strategy in it is designed to strengthen the connection between the real world and

his stories” (Malone and Jackman 112). It can be seen that the author is good at combining the beauty of children with the background of the times, which makes its significance far beyond a simple children’s book. This is the feature of his stories and the content and writing method of Private Peaceful are quite similar to this novel. This article is to reflect the perspective of war through the analysis of Charlie and to accuse the persecution caused by war.

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