A Spatial Study of Alice Munro’s Runaway毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Spatial Study of Alice Munro’s Runaway毕业论文


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关键词: 爱丽丝·门罗;《逃离》;空间研究


1. Introduction———————————————————————————-1

2. Demonstration——————————————————————————– 2

2.1Physical Space Represented by the Landscape Writings ——————————-2

2.1.1Houses—————————————————————————————2 Sylvia’s House—————————————————————————3 Carla’s House—————————————————————————-4 Other Houses—————————————————————————-4


2.2Spatial Form Showed by the Double-Thread Staggering Narrative——————-6

2.2.1Two Threads———————- ———————————————————-6

2.2.2 Staggering of Two Threads—————————————————————7

2.3Spatial Form Indicated by the Juxtaposition of Characterization ———————8

2.3.1 Juxtaposition of Characterization of Carla and Sylvia ——————————-8

2.3.2 Juxtaposition of Characterization of Minor Characters—————————–10

3. Conclusion———————————————————————————-11

Works Cited ————————————————————————————12


A Spatial Study of Alice Munro’s Runaway

  1. Introduction

Alice Munro, one of the most famous contemporary Canadian writers, is well-known for short story writing. In 2005, she was named one of “the world’s one hundred most influential people” by Time Magazine. In October 10th, 2013, Alice Munro won the Nobel Literature Prize. Thus she has become the thirteenth woman who has won Nobel Literature Prize in history.

Many of Munro’s stories are set in Huron County, Ontario. Her strong regional focus is one of the features of her fiction. Many of Munro’s work exemplify the literary genre known as Southern Ontario Gothic. A recurrent theme of her work, particularly evident in her early stories, is the dilemma of a girl coming of age and coming to terms with her family and the small town she grew up in. Runaway, one of the representative works of Canadian writer Alice Munro, tells the story of Carla who plans to run away from her husband with the help of Sylvia and finally returns. The story debuted in the August 11, 2003, issue of The New Yorker. It also appeared in Munro’s 2004 collection by the same name, which was awarded that year’s Giller Prize and Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize.

Western critics began to study Alice Munro since the eighties of the last century. Most of Munro’s writings have been studied from different perspectives, including characterization, narrative techniques as well as thematic concerns. Studies of Munro in China are much less than those in foreign countries. From 2009 to 2012 July, only 28 articles can be discovered in CNKI. With the comparison of the overseas studies, studies in China are less creative and insightful. Few scholars have focused their attention on precisely how Munro expresses her feminine consciousness from the spatial perspective. In addition, her detailed handling of physical space hasn’t been fully explored.

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