A Study on the Narrative Strategies in The Kite Runner毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Study on the Narrative Strategies in The Kite Runner毕业论文


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《追风筝的人》是美裔阿富汗作家卡勒德胡赛尼的处女作也是代表作,是一本在世界范围内影响较大的关于少数族裔的畅销长篇小说。小说讲的是一个关于亲情,友谊,背叛和自我救赎的故事。主人公阿米尔在他还小的时候背叛了他的小伙伴哈桑,阿米尔内心十分内疚,但只能把这个秘密长埋心底。后再,人到中年的阿米尔在长辈兼朋友拉辛汗的指引下终于走出了一直未断过的自责和煎熬, 完成他人生的自我救赎历程。

小说用词简单甚至可以说是笨拙,但是在叙事策略的运用上却十分成熟灵活。本文主要研究这个故事的叙述视角,它们包括第一人称回顾性视角,第一人称体 验性视角变换性人物有限视角。除引言和结论外,本文包含三部分,分别是三个 视角在故事中的应用,另外也有提到视角的在故事中的功能作用。



  1. Introduction 1
  2. Demonstration 2
    1. Retrospective first-person narrative perspective 2
      1. Notion of retrospective first person narrative perspective 2
      2. Retrospective first-person narrative perspective in The Kite Runner 3
    2. Experiencing first person narrative perspective 5
      1. Notion of experiencing first person narrative perspective 5
      2. Experiencing first person narrative perspective in The Kite Runner 6
  3. 3 Variable figural narrative perspective 8
      1. Notion of variable figural narrative perspective 8
      2. Variable figural narrative perspective in The Kite Runner 9
  4. Conclusion 11

Works Cited 12

Bibliography 13

A Study on the Narrative Perspective of

The Kite Runner


Kohaled Hosseini is an Afghan-American bestseller writer who was born in the 1960s in Afghanistan where he was born and raised. That was a good time which was not known much by us all. Some scholars say his work whose background is set on that time has opened the first window of the middle east’s culture to the English world even to the global.

The Kite Runner was his maiden work and also the first English novel written by Afghan which makes a huge impact on the world since its publication. All his novels are about friendship, kinship, love and faith. Words in his works, simple and unadorned but honest and sharp, point to readers softest heart and push people to think over themselves. They provoke the shame and regrets from dust-laden memories. The Kite Runner is also the same. The language in The Kite Runner is so fluent but simple even clumsy, but in the terms of plot setting and narrative strategies, it is worthy its reputation as a good initiation novel.

Since The Kite Runner’s Chinese translation edition went on sale and became the bestseller in domestic market, it has attracted a lot of attention of scholars. Most the studies are about its initiation genre. Liu Yueqi said in his paper The Journey of Self-surpassing—Discussion on the Inferiority Feeling and It’s Effect on Amir in The Kite Runner(10-21), Amir has his twisted inferiority feeling, of being not good enough to his own Pushtun people on one hand, on the other hand, he has his superiority for being a childe. That is the most important factor results in his betrayal on Hassan and the core to shape the character Amir’s figure. Besides, there are scholars focus their study on the unscrambling of the image KITE. Running for the kite implies the wishes for the good things. And there are a lot of people who have seen its historical and cultural significance and they analyze the novel from the

cross-culture perspective. There are few but still have some study on the novel’s narrative strategy. In Zhang Jinyan’s An Analysis of Spatial Narrative on The Kite Runner,professor has point out that the novel’s narrative effect was perfectly conforming to Frank’s three aspects of narrative space. In addition, some study are about the narrative point of view, narrative discourse, etc.

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