An Analysis of the Semantic Equivalences between English Chinese Animals Proverbs毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An Analysis of the Semantic Equivalences between English Chinese Animals Proverbs毕业论文


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关键词: 动物谚语;语义;概念意义;联想意义;对等性


1. Introduction———————————————————————————-1

2. Demonstration——————————————————————————-1

2.1 Literature review—————————————————————————–1

2.2 The analysis of semantic equivalences between English and Chinese animal proverbs ——————————————————————————————-2

2.2.1 Same in conceptual meaning, and same or similar in associative meaning——————————————————————————————————- Animals’ basic attributes———————————————————————– Life experience and understanding of the objective world—————————————32.2.2 Same in conceptual meaning, but different in associative meaning ——————————- Religious belief————————————————————————————– Cultural concepts—————————————————————————– Aesthetic viewpoint—— —————————————————————-62.2.3 Same in conceptual meaning but without equivalent associative meaning—————————————————————————————————————– Geographic environment——————————————————————- Literary works——————————————————————————–82.2.4 Different in conceptual meaning but same in associative meaning———– Customs—————————————————————————————- Production activities————————————————————————93. Conclusion——————————————————————————————–9

Notes———————————————————————————————10Works Cited ————————————————————————————11


An Analysis of the Semantic Equivalences between English and Chinese Animal Proverbs

1. Introduction

In Longman Modern English Dictionary, proverb is explained as “a brief familiar maxim of folk wisdom, usually compressed in form, often involving a bold image and frequently a jingle that catches the memory.” A proverb, which briefly sums up human experience and observation of the world, states a general truth and gives advice or warning to us. And during the long history of human development, people have created a lot of proverbs about animals. These proverbs play an extremely important role in our daily life. They are vivid expression of people’s emotion, attitude, and viewpoints(Zhang,71). It is widely acknowledged that there are a big number of animal proverbs in both English and Chinese, and some of them are identical in meaning, but others contain different or even opposite meanings because the west and east are located in different hemispheres and have different environments, cultures and living habits. The study of these differences, on the one hand, can let us feel the diversity of language, and on the other hand can also give us a better understanding of the unique ethnic customs and cultures so as to promote language learning, translation and intercultural communication. Based on extensive collection and collation, this paper will study the semantic equivalences of English and Chinese animal proverbs under different semantic conditions, and respectively compare and analyze four different cases to reveal the profound causes behind the semantic equivalences of animal proverbs.

Ⅱ. Demonstration

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