On Translation Strategies of Burton Watson ’s English Version of Zhuangzi from Hermeneutic Perspective毕业论文

 2021-04-02 11:04

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《庄子》作为道家学说的代表作是中国古典文学的瑰宝。其恣意汪洋的想象, 绮丽优美的语言和深刻的哲学内涵几百年来为世人所称道,对后世产生了深远的影响。而在其诸多的译本中,美国学者波顿·华兹生(Burton Watson)的英译本因其流畅的语言,对中国文化的精准把握和高超的翻译技巧而获得了极高的赞誉。本文将从阐释学的角度,探求华兹生的翻译在文本特征,语言差异和文化差异方面的解释性,并对其紧扣《庄子》的艺术特点作出的阐释性翻译进行赏析。



  1. Introduction 7
    1. Zhuangzi 7
    2. Burton Watson' s translation 7
  2. Demonstration 8
    1. Hermeneutics 8
      1. History and development of hermeneutics 10
      2. Hermeneutic translation 11
      3. Logical foundations of hermeneutics in translation 11
    2. Artistic features of Zhuangzi 12
      1. Linguistic level:unconventional and emotional expression 12
      2. Stylistic level:poetic and romantic style 12
      3. Cultural level:pursuit for naturalness and freedom 13
    3. Hermeneutics in Burton Watson 's translation 14
      1. Hermeneutics on linguistic level 14
      2. Hermeneutics on ltylistic level 17
      3. Hermeneutics on cultural level 21
  3. Conclusion 23

Works Cited 25

Bibliography 26

On Translation Strategies of Burton Watson’s English Version of Zhuangzi from Hermeneutic Perspective


    1. Zhuangzi

During the long course of Chinese history, two schools of thought known as Confucianism and Taoism are the most influential ones which have exerted comprehensive and profound influence on the thoughts of Chinese people. Zhuangzi, as a representative philosophical work of Taoist school, is crowned as a great and ingenious literary masterpiece in China. It was accomplished by Zhuangzi(about369B.C.--286B.C.), the distinguished philosopher and prominent thinker, and his disciples in the late times of Warring States Period. Although Zhuangzi himself, who held a petty official post, led a very simple and poor life, his profound philosophical thinking has set him free from the secular restrictions. He worships the nature and absolute spiritual freedom and thinks that human being’s life should be free and unfettered from deceptive fame. Zhuangzi’ s school of thought, which condemns Confucian virtues and institutions, is regarded as an utter rejection to the conventional wisdom and has exerted subtle yet significant influence on the ideology of Chinese people. At the same time, Zhuangzi is also highly appreciated by numerous generations of readers for its wild and vivid imagination, original language and literary brilliance. Rich images, massive fables, fancy plots and exaggerated expressions are employed to disseminate his philosophical thoughts.

The grotesque language and writing style, along with the romantic and

unrestrained imagination have made Zhuangzi one of the most distinctive classical Chinese works that are of high literary value. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say Zhuangzi is one of the most precious pearls in the cultural treasury of ancient China.

    1. Burton Watson' s translation

Zhuangzi is a glamorous cultural heritage contributed by China to the world as

a whole. As Chinese culture keeping gaining increasing popularity in the world, massive translated versions of Zhuangzi have emerged in less than two hundred years and among these various renditions, Burton Watson' s version The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu is acknowledged as one of the most well-received English versions and has gained much acclaim from readers and scholars.

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