On Translation of the Book of Poetry from the Perspective of Eco-translatology Theory毕业论文_英语毕业论文

On Translation of the Book of Poetry from the Perspective of Eco-translatology Theory毕业论文


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1.Introduction 1

2.Demonstration 2

2.1A brief introduction of Eco-translatology Theory 2

2.1.1The adaptation and selection of Eco-translatology Theory 3

2.1.2The three-dimensional transformation of Eco-translatology Theory 4

2.2A brief introduction of the Book of Poetry 5

2.2.1 The Book of Poetry 5

2.2.2The translator of the Book of Poetry—Xu Yuanchong 6

2.3The Three-Dimension Transformation in the Translation of the Book of Poetry 6

2.3.1The Adaptive Transformation from Linguistic Dimension 6 at Lexical Level 7 at Phonetic Level 8 at Syntactic Level 9

2.3.2The Adaptive Transformation from Cultural Dimension 9

2.3.3The Adaptive Transformation from Communicative Dimension 10

3.Conclusion 11

Works Cited 12

Bibliography 13

On Translation of the Book of Poetry from the Perspective of Eco-translatology Theory


The Book of Poetry has been known as the earliest anthology of verse in the world, which consists of 305 poems dating from 1713 B.C. (“The Rise of Shang”) to 505 B.C.(“Comradeship”). The vocabulary of the Book of Poetry is a rich one;so notably is the use of epithets,double-adjectives,rhyming words and alliterations,which are employed in a variety of ways to heighten the descriptive effect or musical quality of the songs.(许渊冲 15) The Book of Poetry is the vivid reflection of the Chinese social life during the five hundred years of Zhou Dynasty. It also plays an important role to establish and maintain the traditional culture of China for thousands of years. Due to its beauty and its great effects on culture,many people have translated the Book of Poetry in different languages,especially in English.

However,it’s not an easy thing to translate the poems from Chinese into English due to the differences from the linguistic,cultural and communicative dimensions between the target text and the source text. Therefore,it is difficult to preserve the original beauty and flavor in target text.

From the perspective of Eco-translatology theory,Xu Yuanchong’s translation of the Book of Poetry accords with the law of adaptation and selection, which is the core concept to Eco-translatology theory. The translation also adapts to the translational eco-environment nowadays. Eco-translatology theory is a comprehensive study of translation from the perspective of ecology, which is based on the characteristics of ecological rationality. (胡庚申 11)It lays emphasis on the balance between translation and ecology. In order to achieve the translation that adapts to the translational eco-environment, it’s necessary to translate from the perspective of three-dimensional transformation. Hence, this thesis will focus on the Eco-translatology theory and further explore the adaptation and selection and the three-dimension transformation of the Eco-translatology theory employed in Xu Yuanchong’s translation of the Book of Poetry.

This thesis will be divided into four parts.

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