An Analysis of Ecological Crisis in Oryx Crake毕业论文

 2021-04-02 11:04

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1.Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1

2.Demonstration ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------3

2.1An introduction to the Eco-criticism theory ---------------------------------------------3

2.2 Ecological crisis in Oryx and Crake -----------------------------------------------------3

2.2.1 Environmental crisis ---------------------------------------------------------------------3

2.2.2 Social crisis -------------------------------------------------------------------------------4

2.2.3 Spiritual crisis ----------------------------------------------------------------------------5

2.3 Ecological crisis embodied in characterization ----------------------------------------7

2.3.1 From Jimmy to Snowman : the last hope of human ------------------------------------7

2.3.2 Crake : the abuse of science ------------------------------------------------------------8

2.3.3 Oryx: the loss of faith -------------------------------------------------------------------9

  1. Conclusion -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------9

Works Cited -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11

Bibliography ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12

An Analysis of Ecological Crisis in Oryx and Crake

1. Introduction

Margaret Atwood (1939- ) is one of the most important and famous writers in Canada. As an influential writer, Atwood is also known as “Queen of Canadian Literature”( Her father was a botanist, mother graduated from the university of Toronto. Influenced by her parents, her works focus on science, ecology and humanity. As Coral Ann Howells states, “Atwood is the most written-about Canadian writer ever, and there is an enormous amount of academic criticism on her work produced not only in North America, but also in Britain, and increasingly in Europe, Australia and India”(Cooke 53-54). Atwood has produced more than 50 works, including 15 novels, 8 short collections, 3 works of critical essays and so on, up till now. Margaret Atwood has won many rewards and honors for her contribution to literature, such as the Governor General’s Award, the Commonwealth Literary, the Booker Prize, and the Arthur C.Clarke Award for Science Fiction, etc.. She is one of Canada’s most successful and popular writers, enjoying an international fame. Many of her works have been translated and introduced into many countries. Therefore, she is also described as “the outstanding novelist of our age”(

Margaret Atwood is famous for her novels, such as Surfacing (1972), Life Before Men (1979), The Handmaid’s Tale (1985), Cat’s Eye (1988), Alias Grace (1996), Oryx and Crake (2003), The Penelopiad (2005) and The Flood of the Year (2010). In the west, great Atwoodian scholars has establishing Atwood Society to study Margret Atwood and her works. “Atwood, a typical representative post-colonialism, who construct a coherent Canadian culture and Canadian literature in the fear of losing an autonomous national identity,” (188) as Ann Howells said.

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