A Study of the Loss of Jewish Identity of the Narrat in Saul Bellow’s The Bellarosa Connection毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Study of the Loss of Jewish Identity of the Narrat in Saul Bellow’s The Bellarosa Connection毕业论文


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  1. Introduction 1
  2. Demonstration 3
    1. Jewish background in The Bellarosa Connection 3
      1. The impact of holocaust on the Jewish 3
      2. The Jewish identity of the narrator 5
    2. The contradiction between the narrator and his father 6
      1. Dual attitudes towards the father 7
      2. The conflicting views on marriage 8
      3. The conflicting attitudes towards the Holocaust 8
    3. The desalination of Jewish consciousness of the narrator 9
      1. The shake of Judaism faith of the narrator 10
      2. The narrator’s misunderstanding of Mr.amp;Mrs. Fonstein 11
      3. The narrator’s choice to be alienated 12
  3. Conclusion 12

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Bibliography 15

A Study of the Loss of Jewish Identity of the Narrator in Saul Bellow’s The Bellarosa Connection


Saul Bellow(1915-2005) was a Canadian-born American writer, considered one of the most prestigious contemporary American writer. Bellow received the National Book Foundation’s lifetime Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters in 1990 and he is even the only writer to win the National Book Award for Fiction three times. In his over 60 years of writing career, Bellow has created a large number of literary works including novels, plays, and essays. In 1976 “for the human understanding and subtle analysis of contemporary culture that are combined in his work”, Bellow won the Nobel Prize in Literature. (Magill 888) The Representative works are: The Adventures of Augie March, Henderson the Rain King, Herzog, Mr. Sammler’s Planet, Seize the Day, Humboldt’s Gift and The Bellarosa Connection, etc.

The Bellarosa Connection was written by Saul Bellow in 1989 as an especially significant story in Saul Bellow’s writing period. The story is told in the first person point of view, telling about the impact of the Jewish Holocaust by taking the form of dialogues between the Fonstein family. Along with Mr. Sammler’s Planet, The Bellarosa Connection also contains Bellow’s most significant commentary on the Holocaust.

In the book, the Bellarosa Connection signifies Billy Rose’s Madison Square Garden, which is benefit for the Jews of Europe on the most immediate leve. However, more deeply, becomes a point of departure for Bellow to consider the American Jewish response to European Jews’ experience during World War II. With Bellow’s protagonist coming to grip with the past, his experience distances the American Jewry’s position from that of its European counterparts. The book moves then to Israel in order to present the three major homelands of the World’s Jewry.(Net.1)

As an important species of Bellow’s novellas, The Bellarosa Connection has

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