A Study of Style in the Translation of the 2015 Report on the Work of the Government from the Perspective of Skopos Theory毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Study of Style in the Translation of the 2015 Report on the Work of the Government from the Perspective of Skopos Theory毕业论文


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2015 年的政府工作报告具有鲜明的领导人和领导班子的个人风格。本文从目的论的视角对 2015 年政府工作报告中领导人语言风格的保留情况进行分析, 从而论证符合目的论的译本未必能保留原文的风格。

关键词:2015 年政府工作报告;目的论;风格;翻译


  1. Introduction 1
  2. Demonstration 3
    1. At the lexical level 3
      1. New words 4
      2. Abbreviation 4
      3. Spoken words 5
    2. At the semantic level 6
      1. Parallel phrases and sentences 6
      2. Allusion 7
      3. Personification 8
  3. Conclusion 9

Works Cited 10

Bibliography 11

A Study of Style in the Translation of the 2015 Report on The Work of The Government from the Perspective of Skopos Theory


Nowadays, China plays an important role in the world. More and more English speakers want to know Chinese government and its policy. The annual government work report, delivered by the Premier to the People’s Congress every year, is the most authoritative document for the outside world. It reflects China’s development and shortcoming in all aspects in the past year. Another goal of the government report is to set future plans about education, politics, culture, economy, environment etc. For English speakers who are interested in China, the work report is the most direct way to understand China.

Skopos theory (Skopostheorie), established by German linguist Hans Vermeer, focuses on translation as an activity with an aim or purpose. He believes that translating and interpreting should primarily take into account the function of target text. The Skopos theory mainly involves three rules–Skopos rule, coherence rule and fidelity rule (Vermeer 1996).

    1. Skopos rule

According to Vermeer, “The top ranking rule for any translation is the ‘Skopos rule’, which means that a translation action is determined by its Skopos (Vermeer 1996).” Skopos rule believes that the rendition has a communicative purpose, so translation methods and strategies should vary according to the demands of the communicative purpose. Translators have the freedom to choose translation techniques as long as they can contribute to fulfilling the purposes of the rendition and the communicative functions of the rendition.

    1. Coherence rule

The intratextual coherence concentrates on the relationship between the original text and the translated text. “The target text should conform to the standard of ‘intratextual coherence’ (Vermeer 1996).” The intratextual coherence is also known as

coherence rule which holds that the rendition should be intelligible and acceptable to the target receivers. The aim of the translation activity is to make the rendition understandable to the target readers in their culture background.

    1. Fidelity rule

The Fidelity rule is also known as the intertextual coherence.Vermeer thinks that translation can be seen as a process of conveying messages and is closely connected with the original text. Hence, “if the Skopos requires a change of function, the standard will no longer be intertextual coherence with the source text but adequacy or appropriateness with regard to the Skopos (Nord 2002).” As far as the coherence is concerned, the rendition is not necessarily absolutely equivalent to the original text. So, the translator can decide what kind of style is adopted according to the purpose of the rendition.

According to the Skopos rule, the main purpose of the government report is to make the report understandable to English speakers. So different translation methods and strategies are used to achieve the main purpose. In the translation of some words, interpretative translation is used. Coherence rule is reflected in the translation of some rhetorical devices. Because of the culture difference, some rhetorical devices and allusions can’t be translated directly. The third rule is fidelity rule, which means that the rendition needn’t be absolutely equivalent to the original text. In the translation of the government report, the translation of some parallel phrases and sentences doesn’t keep the original structure and rhyme in order to make the English speakers understand the government report.

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