The Feasibility and Availability of Academic English Teaching in Forestry University毕业论文_英语毕业论文

The Feasibility and Availability of Academic English Teaching in Forestry University毕业论文


摘 要

顺应 21 世纪大学英语最新教学大纲的要求,大学英语教学改革势在必行。林学学术英语教学立足于满足学生的英语学习需求和提高学生学术研究能力,以全新教学模式和教学内容改变了以往大学英语在学科专业领域中作用的有限性。


调查结果显示,学术英语课程的开始势在必行,但是仍然面临着一系列问题, 尤其是当学生与教师对教学目标理解不一致,学术英语课程体系尚不完善,因此学术英语教学难以取得满意的教学效果。但是,仍然应该继续促进大学英语课程教学的持续发展,以为学生专业深造或学术交流做好英语语言方面的衔接。



  1. Introduction 1
    1. Background of the Research 1
    2. Significance of the Research 2
    3. Structure of the Thesis 2
  2. Demonstration 3
    1. Literature Review 3
      1. Studies Abroad 3
      2. Studies at Home 4
      3. Summary 6
    2. Methods 6
      1. Research Questions 6
      2. Participants 7
      3. Task Design 7
      4. Procedures 8
    3. Results and Discussion 8
      1. Results of the Survey 8
      2. Discussion 11
        1. Feasibility of Forestry Academic English Teaching 11
        2. Availability of Forestry Academic English Teaching 12
        3. Supporting Function of Forestry Academic English Teaching 13
  3. Conclusion 14

Bibliography 16

Appendix 18


Research Background

In the 21st century, the internationalization of China is becoming more and more prominent. More and more multinational companies and institutions have been established in China. On the other hand, more and more China enterprises go abroad to make Cross-border Mergers Acquisitions and investment. In other words, it is essential for talent introduction and Sino-foreign cooperation to cultivate a large amount of professional talents with proficiency in English, which requires graduates to have internationally communicative competency in their professions, especially in the industries of Finance, economy, shipping, tourism, software, electronic information and machinery manufacturing.

With the background of pervasive international education, universities and colleges are constructing an internationalized curriculum. There is no doubt that Chinese colleges must reform curriculum in virtue of internationalization. Meanwhile, the college English teaching should switch from teaching-oriented to autonomous learning. What’s more, the current universities students are not satisfied with antiquated the current College English teaching, as it more or less can not match with practical working fields and even be out of their majors. Above two points, college English is on the way to innovate to deal with the current dilemma .

As an important researching field, Forestry specialty is no longer limited to national researches. For this reason, with the booming of current academic communication, more talents with professional skills in Forestry Specialty need to open the door of opportunity. Especially those who have strong English proficiency should strive for enormous achievements are required to focus on reading, writing and some relevant abilities. Due to the situation, a number of colleges in droves execute forestry academic English courses so that students can gain both language and professional knowledge for their future work. Now, the forestry academic teaching has also become a necessary course for students to improve their scientific capability in forestry specialty field.

Significance of the Research

The significance of the research can be stated from two aspects: theoretical significance and pedagogical significance. Firstly, this research can enrich the language teaching theory. General speaking, teaching theory is a prerequisite for any teaching activity. That is to say, any teaching activities, including college English teaching, should be carried out or continuously reformed based on some research results. As a result, educational experts and professors from colleges and universities can seek the theoretical support from this study so that some more suitable teaching model can be designed to fit the current teaching situation, which will offer enlightenment and convenience for English teaching plans. What’s more, some effective theories can be drawn from these teaching activities on account of different professional needs.

As for pedagogical significance, this research will provide the data support for the practice of college English teaching reform, and concrete reference for teaching materials writing and academic English teaching methods. Since the concrete data can serve as a reference, major–related programs can be simplified especially in the period of setting teaching case base. Furthermore, it is important for teachers who want to carry out new college English teaching in some niche majors because the research can offer teachers some viable research data. In other words, the more similar researches are done, the more students accept innovation.

Structure of the Thesis

This thesis is divided into three chapters. Chapter one is the introduction, which introduces the research background of this thesis; explains the reasons of the study and lists the organization of the thesis. Chapter two is a demonstration on this research. In this part, first, theoretical findings will be found based on the development of College English Teaching at home and abroad. Secondly, the methodology of this study is depicted, including research questions, participants, questionnaire design, and data collection. Thirdly, the questions and choices of

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