A Study of Buyer-Seller Discourses on Taobao Shopping Platform from the Perspective of Politeness Principle毕业论文

 2021-04-02 11:04

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话语是人们语言交际的主要形式之一。每个社会角色都通过话语达到自己的交际目的。会话分析作为一种研究方法,强调学习真实语料,注意会话细节的传递,其研究目的是揭示话语的内部秩序。本研究从淘宝购物平台的化妆品、服装以及食品类别选择买、卖家的对话进行定性分析, 基于 Leech, Brown amp; Levinson 和顾曰国的礼貌原则,得出以下研究结果:1. 顾曰国的礼貌原则补充了 Leech 的理论,更适合研究者分析中国人的对话策略。 大多数卖家倾向于维护买家的面子。2. 在化妆品,食品和服装类别中使用的会话策略没有区别。3. 大多数淘宝会话遵循雅言准则,求同准则(一致准则),德言行准则(得体准则)。



  1. Introduction 1
    1. Research background 1
    2. Significance of research 1
    3. A review of previous studies on discourses on Taobao discourses 2
  2. Demonstration 3
    1. An introduction to Politeness Principle 3
      1. Leech’s Politeness Principle 4
      2. Brown amp; Levison’s Face Theory 4
      3. Gu’s Politeness Principle 5
    2. The analysis of Taobao discourses from three categories 6
      1. Conversations from cosmetic category 6
      2. Conversations from food category 9
      3. Conversations from clothing category 12
      4. Summary 15
  3. Conclusion 15

Bibliography 17

A Study of Buyer-Seller Discourses on Taobao Shopping Platform from the Perspective of Politeness Principle


    1. Research background

With the development and popularization of the Internet in China, the number of people who use the Internet for shopping has gradually increased. According to the 37th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China issued by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), as of December 2015, the number of Chinese netizens reached 688 million, of which the scale of online shopping users reached 413 million, accounting for as high as 60%. At the same time, Taobao is the largest e-commerce platform in China and its data plays an important role in the research of buyer-seller discourses.

In addition, as a branch of pragmatics, politeness principle has been a research hotspot in recent years. Due to the differences in the various theories of politeness principles, this essay will comprehensively review Leech’ s Politeness Principle

(1983), Brown amp; Levinson’s Face Theory(1987) and Gu’s Politeness Principle

( 1992 ). With the rapid development of Internet chat, Crystal (2001) defined the concept of Internet linguistics in the Language and the Internet, which appealed academic attention. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the conversations of online shopping from the perspective of politeness principle.

    1. Significance of research

The booming growth of online shopping mode only relies on the Internet in the form of Aliwangwang conversation. Ferrara(1991) calls this Internet conversation an interactive written dialogue. However, due to the virtuality of the online platform and the difference between actual situation and it, Taobao buyers' judgment of the goods depends on graphic descriptions and conversations of buyers and sellers. Therefore, effective conversations can facilitate transactions. From this perspective, dialogue

analysis on the Taobao platform is feasible in promoting trade success. Since it is related to the interests, it is bound to cause problems inevitably. Part of these problems may come from the conversations of buyers and sellers because of the existence of misunderstanding. Therefore, the study of conversations between buyers and sellers will be conducive to creating a good online shopping environment, and promoting traders to reach a deal.

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