An Analysis of Brand Translation from the Perspective of Reception Aesthetics.毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An Analysis of Brand Translation from the Perspective of Reception Aesthetics.毕业论文


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接受理论的代表人物是德国康斯坦茨学派的姚斯(Hans Robert Jauss)和伊泽尔(Wolfgang Iser)。这一理论强调接受者的主体性、创造性,把读者放在作品和作者同一层次上进行研究,给翻译这一学科注入了新的活力。经济全球化进程的加快让越来越多的外国商品进入中国市场,作为商品特别标志的商标,很大程度上影响着产品的销售。在接受美学视角下,商标翻译是一种特殊的交际行为,其目的是诱导译语潜在消费者购买译名符号所代表的商品。本文旨在运用“接受美学”理论,结合具体案例,阐述当前商标翻译的几项原则和方法。接受美学理论指导下的商标翻译方法既能体现源语商标的民族特色和内涵,又能考虑到目的语潜在消费群体的文化传统、认知心理、语言习惯和审美情趣,以此达到更加吸引目的语消费者,激发他们美好的想象与购买欲望的目的。





2.1. An Overview of Reception Aesthetics1

2.1.1 Brief Introduction to Reception Aesthetics1

2.1.2 The Enlightenment of Reception Aesthetics to Trademark Translation 3

2.2. An Overview of Trademark Translation 4

2.2.1 A Review of studies on the Trademark Translation4

2.2.2 Current Situation and Problems of Trademark Translation5

2.2.3 Characteristics and Principles of Trademark Translation7

2.2.4 Methods of Trademark Translation under Reception Aesthetics9 Transliteration9 Free Translation10 Combination of Transliteration and Free Translation10

2.3. The Creative Methods and their Applications of Trademark Translation under Reception Aesthetics10

2.3.1Using Rhetorical Devices Skillfully in Literal Translation and Transliteration11

2.3.2 Making Good Use of Visual in Word Transliteration11

2.3.3 Transliterating Homophones with Imagination12

2.3.4 Transliterating Homophones with Implications12

2.3.5 Quoting Allusions in Corresponding Translation13

3. Conclusions14

Works Cited15


An Analysis of Trademark Translation from the

Perspective of Reception Aesthetics

1. Introduction

The whole world has entered into an age of economic globalization, China is no exception. As a vital marketing strategy to most enterprises, the translation of trademarks has attracted many scholars’ attention both at home and abroad. China has been one of the full members of World Trade Organization (WTO) for almost twenty years. And the policy of reform and opening up provides some businesses an incentive to go out and introduce more advanced skills or equipment. Therefore, companies are facing more opportunities and challenges, and accordingly the number of brands calling for an appropriate translation is increasing year by year. As a result, the selection of the right brand word is one of the most important marketing decisions and the centerpiece of introductory marketing programs.

Although many scholars have studied the trademark translation for quite a long time, the achievements are far from being satisfied. Trademark translation is a communication activity with a very clear purpose. The realization of its main purpose mainly depends on the reaction of potential consumer groups to the translation. A good translation must meet the consumer’s aesthetic needs and aesthetic orientation as well as satisfy the consumer’s psychological needs and cultural background in order to promote the product and stimulate the consumer’s desire to purchase. Reception Aesthetics emphasizes the reader as the center, which has important guiding significance for the translation of trademarks. Thus, this paper attempts to probe into the translation of trademarks based on Reception Aesthetics and some successful cases in the practice of trademark translation.

2. Demonstration

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