The Tragic Heroism in Hemingways Novels海明威小说中的悲剧英雄主义毕业论文_英语毕业论文

The Tragic Heroism in Hemingways Novels海明威小说中的悲剧英雄主义毕业论文


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《老人与海》和《丧钟为谁而鸣》中的悲剧英雄形象,来解读海明威作品中的悲剧英雄主义。并通过对比两个主人公,分析两本小说中悲剧英雄主义的异同。最后结合对海明威所处的“迷失的一代”社会环境分析得到海明威小说中悲剧主义的中心意义。因此, 本文加深了对海明威悲剧英雄主义的成因和意义的理解。



Ernest Miller Hemingway is known as the embodiment of the spirit of the United States, with his spirit of never giving up. During his life, Hemingway shaped numerous images of tough guy in his works,which has the profound influence on the development of American literature even in the 20th century literature of the whole world. With his spirit of never giving up as a tough guy, Hemingway himself and the images of tough guy in his works have affected generations of readers.

Actually, Hemingway is a creator of tragic heroism works. During the past decades, many scholars have studied his works on the tragic theme and heroic theme separately. Nevertheless, few scholars have analyzed his works combining both the heroism and tragic theme. Besides, the comparison of different tragic heroism hasn’t been shown. This paper analyzes the tragic heroism in Hemmingway’s novels via the analysis of the images of tragic hero in his two famous novels: For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea. And by contrast of the two protagonists, this paper compares the similarity and difference of the tragic heroism in the two novels. At last, combining the analysis of the social environment of the “Lost Generation”, this paper obtains the central meaning of the tragic heroism in Hemingway’s novels. Thus, this paper deepens the understanding of the roots and meaning of tragic heroism in Hemingway’s novels.

Key Words: Hemingway; tragic heroism; image of tragic hero


  1. Introduction 1
  2. The Tragic Heroism in For Whom the Bell Tolls 4
    1. Jordan, the tragic hero who fights against the unjust war 4

2.1.1 The heroic but tragic choices made by Jordan 4

    1. The tragic heroism theme reflected in Jordan 5
    2. The sublimation of Hemingway’s tragic heroism 7
  1. The Tragic Heroism in The Old Man and the Sea 8
    1. The old, unfortunate but confident man—Santiago 8
    2. Santiago,the tragic hero who fights against the natural environment 8
      1. An undefeated man 9
      2. The spirit of never giving up of the old man 9
      3. The hero with the courage of confronting death 10
    3. The tragic heroism reflected in Santiago 10
  2. The Similarity and Difference of the Tragic Heroism 12
    1. Jordan and Santiago — tragic heroism of Hemingway style 12
    2. The different tragic heroism 12
  3. The Roots of Tragic Heroism in Hemingway’s Works 14
    1. The influence of two world wars on the two works 14
    2. The deficiency of spiritual reconstruction after the war 14
    3. The tragic heroism cultivated by the social environment 15
  4. Meaning of the Tragic Heroism 16
    1. The spiritual reconstruction 16
    2. The value of survival 16
  5. Conclusion 18

Reference 20

Acknowledgements 22

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