Comparison Between the Heroines Growth in Pride and Prejudice and Gone with the Wind傲慢与偏见及飘中女主角成长经历对比毕业论文

 2021-04-02 01:04

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Pride and Prejudice and Gone with the Wind are both considered as masterpieces in literary history. These two works are written by female writers, and depict the heroines’ life stories profoundly. Since they involve female themes, many critics study them from feminism view, and plenty of scholars discuss topics of marriage, love and family in the view of sociological criticism. Besides, scholars also pay attention to the changes and growth of the heroines. A number of scholars take Gone with the Wind as bildungsroman and carry out their researches, several scholars consider Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice has the features of bildungsroman protagonist. In China, many studies are about bildungsroman and Pride and Prejudice, while similar topic isn’t that popular in foreign countries.

This thesis uses the theory of bildungsroman, and analyzes the heroines’ changes and growth. Besides, it discusses some differences between the feminine bildungsroman and the general bildungsroman. This thesis is divided into three parts,including the introduction,the main body and the conclusion.The main body consists of two chapters. The second chapter of this article analyzes the features of bildungsroman one by one to see whether Pride and Prejudice and Gone with the Wind meet the criterion. Chapter three discusses the other factors that affect the heroines’ growth. Then chapter four draws a conclusion that though both books pay attention to the heroines’ growth, Gone with the Wind meets the criterion of bildungsroman, while Pride and Prejudice doesn’t.

Key Words: Pride and Prejudice; Gone with the Wind; bildungsroman; change


1 Introduction 4

1.1 The Authors and Their Heroines 4

1.2 Feminine Bildungsroman 5

2. Features of Bildungsroman 7

2.1 The Youth of the Heroines 7

2.1.1 The Rational Elizabeth 7

2.1.2 The Young and Spoiled Scarlett 9

2.2 Form of Loss or Discontent 9

2.3 The Tough Journey 11

2.3.1 Elizabeth’s difficulties 11

2.3.2 Scarlett’s difficulties 12

2.4 The Mentors in Bildungsroman 13

2.4.1 Mrs. Darcy as Mentor 14

2.4.2 Rhett Butler as Mentor 15

2.5 The Heroines’ Places in the Society 16

3. Particular Bildungsroman 18

3.1 Specific Features about Growth 18

3.1 Bildungsroman or Not 19

4 Conclusion 21

References 22

Comparison between the Heroines' Growth in Pride and Prejudice and Gone with the Wind

1 Introduction

1.1 The Authors and Their Heroines

Jane Austen was an English novelist who was born in Steventon, Hampshire in 16 December 1775. Her father was a rector, and her mother came from an affluent family. She didn’t receive regular education, instead she learnt from her father. Jane Austen lived in the countryside, and therefore her acquaintances were mainly squires. The simple connection in the society and relaxing atmosphere were reflected in her novels which primarily depicted the various kinds of love and marriages between ladies and gentlemen.

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