An empirical study of a SPOC embedded flipped classroom model for college English-major Writing Course The perceptions of students(大学英语专业学生对SPOC嵌入式翻转课堂模式应用于英语写作课程看法的实证研究)毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An empirical study of a SPOC embedded flipped classroom model for college English-major Writing Course The perceptions of students(大学英语专业学生对SPOC嵌入式翻转课堂模式应用于英语写作课程看法的实证研究)毕业论文


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Over the past decades, the research on flipped classroom is given increasing emphasis within the field of Chinese higher education. The importance of student-centered learning approaches is stressed. With such approaches, students are more interactive when engaging in class and can take charge of their own learning rather than passively learning in traditional settings. The SPOC embedded flipped classroom model can provide such an environment, since it gives students more time for active and autonomous learning and integrates a range of computer-assisted technologies into classroom to support a blended learning environment. This thesis provides an overview of relevant literature about the emergence of SPOC embedded flipped classroom model and its application to English as a foreign language (EFL) pedagogy and college education in China, followed by an analysis of the survey results of a one-year experiment adopting the SPOC embedded flipped classroom structure at the Wuhan University of Technology. The questionnaire was completed by 202 English-major undergraduates who have attended the English writing course. It aimed to investigate students’ attitudes as well as their perceived benefits and effects of this new teaching model. The results indicated that the majority of students preferred SPOC embedded flipped classroom model over traditional face-to-face teaching approaches. Although there was no English proficiency test to prove the practical benefits from the new teaching model, a high percentage of the students perceived that their English writing skills had improved significantly than before. The thesis therefore argued that students benefited from the SPOC embedded flipped classroom model, because they could participate in face-to-face classroom sessions more interactively, develop collaborative learning skills, and take charge of their own learning progress. The findings of the present study contribute to a better understanding of technology-enhanced, student-centered learning environments.

Key Words: textbook evaluation; college English majors; British and American literature textbooks


1 Introduction 1

2 Literature Review 4

2.1 Established studies on flipped classroom 4

2.2 Previous studies on students’ perception of flipped classroom 5

3 Research Methods 8

3.1 Research questions 8

3.2 Participants 8

3.3 Instruments 8

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