On College Students’ English Learning Motivation Strategies under the Network Environment 网络环境下大学生英语学习动机激励策略研究毕业论文

 2021-04-02 12:04

摘 要




In the process of booming development of online learning, one of the heated issues that the scholars at home and abroad study is learning motivation, which plays a decisive role in college students' independent English learning, and has a direct impact on learning attitude, learning method and learning effect.

Online learning has been playing a critical role in college students' learning to meet their thirst for knowledge, enrich their knowledge, and improve their learning ability. Upon the situation, this study, based on data analysis and theoretical research, explores the online English learning and college students' motivations under the network environment in order to combine various factors affecting the motivation of online learning to put forward motivational strategies for students' learning. The analysis aims to give full play to the advantages of online learning and overcome its shortcomings under the network environment.

Keywords: the network environment; English learning motivation; motivational strategies


1 Introduction 1

2 Literature review 2

2.1 Network environment 2

2.1.1 The definition of the network environment 2

2.1.2 The characteristics of network learning environment 3

2.2 Learning motivation 4

2.2.1 Classification of learning motivation 5

3 Methodology 7

3.1 Participants 7

3.2 Instrument 7

3.3 Procedure 8

4 Data Analysis and Results 9

4.1 Reliability analysis 9

4.2 Validity analysis 9

4.3 Descriptive analysis 10

4.3.1 Current English learning situation under the network environment 10

4.4 Confirmatory factor analysis of English learning motivation types under the network environment 14

4.5 Six motivational factors 16

5 Discussion 18

6 Motivational strategies 19

6.1 From the perspective of internal motivation 19

6.1.1Enhance college students' English learning interest under the network environment 19

6.1.2 Instruct students to define the learning objectives and cultivate a sense of achievement 19

6.1.3 Improve students' self-confidence, enhance their self-efficacy 21

6.2 From the perspective of external motivation 22

6.2.1 Provide a proper network environment 22

6.2.2 Improve learners' device application level 22

6.2.3 Install supervision software 22

6.2.4 Introduce high-quality resources and improve resource design 23

6.2.5 Strengthen online learning interaction and establish an excellent online learning atmosphere 24

6.2.6 Optimize the system of online learning evaluation and feedback 25

6.2.7 Provide practical and exciting learning content to stimulate learners' desire for autonomous learning 26

7 Conclusion 29

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